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Your Room at a glance


On arrival you will be provided with the wifi password/code. If you leave the property, you may need to login again. We do have 20Mb fibre optic wifi, however, this is subject to weather. When it is raining, or there is a storm in the area, the signal may drop out or  the tower is disabled. We always try to resolve the issue quickly, but sometimes have to wait for the internet providers to fix the tower. Please be patient with the tropical weather of Bali!


Sheets and towels are changed every 3 days (unless otherwise specified by guests). If you would like towels changed daily, please place them on the shower floor. Plug converters are available in the basket in your room along with some mosquito repellent, spray, tissues and emergency torch.

A safe is available in each room with full instructions. If you have a problem opening or locking your safe, please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.

Please note that any breakages or missing room items will be charged to your bill at the time of, or after, check-out, after our final room inspection.

Electric mosquito lamps are provided around guest rooms and on the bale.  Keep your doors closed for the duration of sunset and about 30 minutes either side. If you miss this time and have your doors open, don’t worry! The mosquitoes tend to disappear an hour after sunset. You can use mosquito repellent and close your doors. The electric lamps reduce the numbers of ‘mossies’ and do not harm the environment.  You can sleep easy knowing you should not have mosquitoes in your room.

If you run out of hot water, please let us know! Bottled gas is used so it is possible that your bottle has run out but it is easily, and quickly, replaced!

Air Conditioning

Electricity in Bali can be unstable, and at peak times you may find the power insufficient for all your appliances. The most noticeable times are 11am-6pm daily with air conditioning use. If your air conditioning is on during these times, you will notice the power dipping and a lower output; your air conditioning will feel hot rather than cold and will take much longer to cool your room. A number of factors contribute to this; the humidity and heat, unstable electricity, increased use of electricity (mostly A/C use) and positioning of the sun (direct light contact on your room). We kindly request that you switch OFF AC when leaving your room and set the temperature to a cool and dry 24*C. It is impossible to make your room 18*C when it is very hot and humid. Guests find that 24*C is perfect to keep the room cool and dry.  If you are having trouble with the AC or with your fan, please contact staff immediately and we will endeavour to get it fixed as fast as possible.

Gecko and Tokay

The Tokay gecko and common house gecko is native to Asia and some Pacific Islands. The Tokay is a large gecko, reaching up to 35 centimetres in length, and is an endangered species throughout Asia due to poaching. The Tokay gecko has a very recognisable croak, it is fairly loud and sounds similar to their name. They also may be heard running around the roof and their sound may be mistaken for other animal sounds. Common house geckos are much smaller in size, growing to a maximum of 10 cm, but are similar in every other way to their larger counterparts, the Tokay gecko. Both types of gecko are not poisonous or dangerous to humans as long as they are not touched. If the geckos are distressed, they can lose their tail as a defence mechanism, or will bite the threat. Please do not touch, catch or chase the geckos in your room. We cannot remove them as they are native to Indonesia and are found in all houses and hotels. The Balinese believe they are Good Luck and will take your ‘prayers’ direct to the Gods. Enjoy watching them chase each other around the roof.