Boutique Eco-stay Villa

Discover Angel House for an Authentic & Eco-Friendly Bali Experience

Boutique Eco-stay Villa

Discover Angel House for an Authentic & Eco-Friendly Bali Experience

Angel House Ubud:

Villa Rental with Breakfast

Angel House has only 3-suites. Located in the village of Mas, Ubud, Angel House is only 10mins south of the bustling tourist center but close to everything a guest may need.

Let us make your holiday in Bali a holiday to remember. Filled with rest & relaxation, exceptional breakfasts and, a tasty side of culture 🙏🏼

Sandat Suite

Ground Floor King Bed + 1 Sofa Bed

Jepun Suite

Ground Floor Extra King Size / 2 King Beds

Lumbung Suite

Second Floor Queen bed


Traditional Balinese Daily Life Combined with Cultural Tourism

Angel House guests have the rare opportunity to get off the beaten track and meet friendly Balinese locals. Mas village is famous for creating Bali’s most intricate woodcarvings, masks and puppets. Dance and musical performances are prominent, and our village is home to some of the most beautiful temples in Ubud and Bali.

The nearby traditional food market ‘Pasar Mas’, is open from 5am. A perfect place for meeting the locals, taking photos and buying fresh fruits, meats, Tofu and Tempe. In addition, you can buy a traditional Balinese breakfast and Balinese snacks. At nightthe market turns into a night market serving local food such as Sate Ayam (Chicken sate and rice) and fresh juices.

Angel House is close to local supermarkets, ATM, money changer, restaurants, art galleries and a hospital (with pharmacy and 24hr Emergency department).

Guest cultural activities

Tasty Side of Culture

Angel House Ubud is set in a lush tropical walled permaculture garden. We share our experience with guests who can join in an authentic Bali experience. A tasty side of culture can include; blessings at Pura Taman Pule Temple (our local temple) an offering class making Canang Sari (Balinese flower offerings), Balinese cooking class or anything else our guest swould like.


We can offer a massage on arrival from our in-house massage therapist, a cooked meal or airport pick-up.

You have earned your holiday, and deserve more than the ordinary hotel stay. A stay at Angel House can be anything you want it to be – honeymoon, a cosy couple’s escape, a week of sun, fun and shopping with friends, or a group booking with all 3 suites (Whole Villa Booking) for a family or special event.


Eco Friendly

We also strive to be Eco Friendly and compost all organic waste, and provide a recycling service. Guests receive a free cloth shopping bag to help in our desire to reduce plastic bag use. We also participate in the Refill My Bottle scheme, providing free drinking water


All You Need to Know About Bali

Galungan and Kuningan @ Angel House Ubud.

Galungan and Kuningan @ Angel House Ubud.

The Balinese celebration of Galungan and Kuningan @ Angel House Ubud
When Galungan day approaches, the Balinese talent for making spectacular religious displays is evident all over Bali in the form of a Penjor.  Balinese Hindus erect a penjor to symbolise the dominance of good (dharma) over evil (adharma), as well as offering thanks to God for the fruits of the Earth, and to show devotion to God in his manifestation as; Hyang Giri Pati (the God of the mountain).
These are placed in front of family compounds, shops and businesses as well as at the many temples. The PENJOR is an offering to the Gods, a temporary place of worship, facing the holy Mt Agung (Kaja side). It is made from a tall, curved bamboo pole which is then decorated with leaves, padi / dried rice stalks and offerings.  Due to their length,  (sometimes more than ten metres high), they droop charmingly over the pavement  like an ancient street lamp. There is a small temple at the base of the Penjor to make daily offerings during the 10 days of Galungan and Kuningan. Penjor are seen all over Bali, swaying gently in the wind.

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NYEPI.  Balinese day of silence.

NYEPI. Balinese day of silence.

 2022, Nyepi begins on 4th March at 0600 and lasts till 0600 5th March. Nyepi, which means “to keep silent”,  falls on the day after the dark moon of the spring equinox.  This is when day and night are of approximately equal duration. No one leaves their homes, hotels and even the airport “Ngurah Rai” closes for 24hrs!

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