Angel House is located a short stroll away from beautiful rice fields or ‘SAWAH’.

One of the delights of an early morning nature walk are the things you see. In addition to getting some exercise you will meet the friendly locals! Ducks or’ bebek’ live a life of freedom in Bali. You will see them foraging and paddling for insects in the rice fields. They are tended by their farmer/owner and it is common to see a clamour of ducks walking up the road. These ducks play an important role in natural pest control. Also, the beautiful, doe eyed cows can be seen grazing on the resting fields accompanied by the white herons or ‘Kokokan’. They are often seen riding on the cows backs or hunting insects in the rice fields. The village road behind Angel House is the perfect place to stretch your legs and exercise or an opportunity to take some fabulous photographs. Although the road is paved, there are almost no cars, maybe a few scooters but many local Balinese. For example, they may also be out walking or working or flying kites when the winds are right. In addition, we hope you also get an opportunity to see the wild cranes or spot the famous red and blue Bali kingfisher. Enjoy your walk and, learn how to say “good morning” or Selamat Pagi in Indonesian!