Eco Stay Angel House Ubud.

Angel House Ubud is an Eco friendly Bed and Breakfast in Mas Ubud. By staying at Angel House Ubud, not only are you avoiding the same old hotel room, but instead you will know your eco-stay is helping preserve the environment and helping the local community. Green tourism not only helps the environment, but travellers can help support local initiatives.

Bali is developing fast and many hotels have little regard for the environment nor managed with sustainability in mind.

While travellers to Bali create income and employment, did you know that tourists also produce massive amounts of trash and use up valuable amounts of water?  An average traveler produces 5 kg of rubbish a day while an average Balinese household produces only 2,5 kg.

Another way to maintain sustainability and save power is to use only energy efficient lighting. Low watt LED lighting is used in guest rooms, common areas and throughout the gardens. Sensor lights or solar are used wherever possible. Please ‘go green’ and switch off all lights when leaving your room.

The Angel House Ubud ethos is based on responsible tourism by giving back to both the local community and to the environment.

Responsible tourism? Bring your own shopping bag and water bottle!

Angel House Ubud is an Eco friendly Bed and Breakfast in Mas Ubud. For instance, we encourage guests to reconnect with nature and, manage their waste for a cleaner environment. Because Bali has implemented an island wide ban on plastic bags, our guests are given a free reusable eco-friendly calico bag to take shopping.  In addition, we are a Refill Station for FREE drinking water with the ‘RefillMyBottle’ scheme in Bali.  Plastic dinking bottles have now become the number 1 source of trash in Bali. Responsible tourism helps Bali, the environment and you 😊By supporting the RefillMyBottle scheme, we are helping reduce the number of plastic bottles ending up in the water ways AND in addition to helping the environment. Nor do we use plastic straws.

Guests using one of our local drivers for their transport needs, ensures that income generated from the Angel House tours, aids small local initiatives whilst also supporting local community drivers.

Locally sourced, organic where possible.

Most importantly, at Angel House Ubud we support local farmers by buying locally sourced and organic food where possible. In addition, we do not use MSG in our cooking and purchase only traditional Bali rice. This supports local Balinese farmers. .

No pesticides used.

By not using any pesticides we actively encourages nature to function as intended. Our garden is filled with butterflies and dragonflies, these work towards reducing mosquito larvae and pollinate our flowers and veggies.  with biodegradable cleaning and body products used.

In our garden, we only use organic fertilisers and our own, home-made compost thus all organic waste, including offerings, (Canang Sari) is composted on site.

Waste water

All waste water system from our kitchen waste is converted to grey water, and we installed  a ‘bio-septic’ system that utilises micro-organisms to break down human waste. Toilet paper is composted by our hardworking ‘compost worms’ and turned into fertiliser for the garden.

Did you know that travellers use up to 3 times more water a day then a local Balinese? This is why we have low-flow shower-heads in the bathrooms and that we do not have water-hungry bathtubs!


All glass, plastic, paper and metal are recycled. This helps our neighbours reduce their recyclables, reduces the need to ‘burn their trash’ whilst providing this service free. We have been supporting and using the EcoBali recycling service since inception, 7 years ago.

Alternatives to insect coils.

Electric mosquito lamps in guest and main areas have reduced mosquito numbers without using any chemicals. We do not have any ‘standing water’ so mosquitos do not have a place to breed.


Because Bali does not generate its own electricity, and all power is ‘imported’ from Java, we encourage guests to reduce their power consumption. Guests are only too happy to help and by simply switching off fans and AC when not in their room and, to set the AC temperature to a cool, dry 24*C. This simple act can significantly reduce the amount of green-house gasses and reduce electricity demands on Bali Island.

To bidet or not? The case for zero waste!

Not only is toilet paper itself a waste product, it is dangerous to the bio-septic tank at Angel House Ubud and is NOT able to be safely ‘flushed’ down the toilet! Also, the process used to make toilet paper is also incredibly wasteful, consuming 140 litres of water, 1.5 pounds of wood, and 1/3kWh of electricity to produce ONE ROLL!

We provide a cloth towel and bidet hose in all ensuite bathrooms. This towel is changed daily and you can help go ‘toilet paper free’ by using the mandi hose/bidet hose.


Recycling & Composting for guests.

We ask guests to use the organic bins and the recycling bins. For more information on how you can help or any other questions you may have, please contact us direct 😊