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Angel House Ubud commitment to the environment and to our community.

At Angel House we are committed to the environment to our local community. Here are some of the ways in which we strive to improve our impact on Bali’s limited resources.

  • We use locally sourced and  organic food where possible and buy cultivated traditional Bali rice (no pesticides, Neem oil only and organic fertilisers)
  • We do not use MSG in any of our cooking
  • Less consumption of energy by encouraging guests to switch off all fans and AC when not in their room
  • Encouraging guests to go ‘toilet paper free’ by using the mandi hose/bidet hose
  • By using only low watt LED lighting in all rooms and common areas and gardens
  • Using LED lighting in the garden and around the swimming pool
  • Using sensor lights wherever possible or solar
  • We compost all our organic materials including offerings (Canang Sari)
  • Waste water system for our kitchen waste converts to grey water
  • We have a  bio-septic system which uses Bokashi micro-organisms to break down human waste
  • Social project (Tunjung women’s Project) a social enterprise and women’s project based in a poor village in Bali – Angel House Ubud purchases calico bags as ‘gifts’ for our guests to use when shopping and to reduce the amount of plastic bags in Bali 🙂
  • Participates in the Eco Bali recycling program. All glass, plastic, paper and metal are recycled and this service is provided free to our neighbours.
  • all staff from the village of Mas Ubud
  • Angel House tours support the local community
  • Electric mosquito lamps in guest and main areas have reduced mosquito numbers without using any chemicals
  • Only neem oil and organic fertilisers are used in Angel House gardens
  • Biodegradable cleaning products
  • Active in the village community of Tarukan Mas ubud Bali