Tipat Cantok is a common traditional Balinese food that can be found almost anywhere in Bali. It is commonly made with white rice or can be combined (cantok) with vegetables (water lily, long beans and bean sprout) and steamed or boiled. These accompany a meal of sate,  mixed with peanut sauce. Sometimes, Tipat Cantok is added with sweet soy sauce on the top to add sweet taste on it. Tipat Cantok can be found on local small Balinese warungs but rarely be found in big restaurants. These can be bought at the local Mas traditional market, just 5 mins walk from Angel House.

Learning how to make this intricate baskets from palm leaves requires patience and dexterity! Guests at Angel House are welcome to take a class and learn how to make, alongside Canang Sari; Balinese flower offerings.