Volcano update: Mount Agung 12th December 2017

12 December daily volcano update. Direct from Ubud.
PLEASE NOTE: I am transitioning these daily reports to this public group page – MOUNT AGUNG DAILY REPORT – to manage them more efficiently. I will continue to share to other groups this week, but please JOIN MADR to receive these in your news feed.
• Agung continued its pattern of the past few days of frequent blowing quakes (50 over the period 11/12 00-24) and emitting regular plumes of gasses and ash in the 1500-2500 meter range. These are vigorous blowing quakes, with amplitudes up to 25 mm and lasting up to 140 seconds.
• PVMBG ( https://www.facebook.com/pvmbg1/) reported one eruption at 05:49 (amplitude 25 mm, 125 seconds), and two more eruptions in the 06-12 period yesterday, amplitude both 25 mm that lasted 96 and 110 seconds, respectively. These are similar to the blowing quakes above, but I believe the distinction is the content of the plume – eruptions put out magmatic ash (dark grey-black colour), while blowing quakes are gas and steam (white colour). We see a lot of white-grey from the mountain, it would be interesting to know how they distinguish between the two. Hmm. That goes on my list of questions for the team at Pos Rendang. I’m attaching the seismograph and two charts – one mapping the daily totals, and one covering the past two days in 6-hour blocks.
• PVMBG reports they observed the glow from crater from the Batulompeh CCTV during both dark quarters of the day, and I watched it last night on the Bukit Asah camera.
• BPBD reports 85,100 evacuees are registered at 289 camps. The conditions in some of these camps is very poor, with people sleeping on the ground, little/no clean water & sanitation, and a few packets of instant noodles. Please consider contributing to one of several responsible and accountable organizations supporting these camps – they need help.
• The Darwin VAAC has issued a current ash warning based on their satellite readings – no predictions for the rest of the day. That is attached below – wind at flight altitude is to the west. FlightRadar24 shows lots of activity around Bali and DPS, but all travellers should check with their airlines. A reader noted yesterday that some international carriers were canceling and consolidating flights not because of ash, but because there were too few passengers. Domestic flights tend to be flying as scheduled.

For ways of how you can help, please see this image 🙂



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