Bali: Annual Weather Averages

Bali is located near the equator, therefore its warm, tropical climate makes it a huge draw for tourists and in particular tourists escaping their own countries winter.

Average year-round temperature In Bali

Average year-round temperature stands at around 30°C with a humidity level of about 85%. Generally one can say that Bali is pleasant all year long and even if it rains, Bali is enjoyable. There are two main seasons; dry and wet.  These are not clear cut nor fully predictable. At times, a week in November (usually during wet season) can feel like June and the other way around.

Christmas and New Year (wet season) is high or peak season in Bali and tourists come from all over the world to enjoy the beaches, the surfing, diving, the restaurants, the club, the spas and everything else Bali has to offer. – Although it is technically ‘rainy season’, the rain showers are usually short and heavy and do not last all day.

What to wear in Bali

The high temperatures combined with the high humidity is not easy for some people to handle, as also during the night the temperatures do not drop too much. So if you can’t handle heat, Bali can be exhausting.

As Angel House is located in the hills of the Ubud Mas area, it is usually 2-3 degree cooler than down south. All guest suites at Angel House have air conditioning as well as fans for cooling. Most people find that if the AC is set to 24* and cool setting, this is enough to make sleep enjoyable and enable you to cool down. Because of Bali fluctuating power supply, at times there is no AC for short periods.

Dress codes for Bali

Not considering any dress codes for classy restaurants or dinner parties we suggest loose summer clothes such as shorts, t-shirts, wide blouses and thin linen trousers. Men can get around with decent shorts and a shirt almost everywhere, even in the expensive clubs. Women in dresses have no problems anywhere but in the temples, where covered shoulders and a sarong must be worn (Adat wear) by both men and women. In a way it is always summer on Bali…and yes…sun protection is a must as Bali is located close to the equator and the sun is intense even on a cloudy day. Walking shoes / sandal are the normal footwear so ladies, leave your high heeled stilettos at home and wear comfortable footwear and enjoy the freedom.

May is the hottest month in Bali with an average temperature of 28°C (82°F) and the coldest is January at 26°C(79°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 9 in April. The wettest month is January with an average of 90mm of rain. The best month to swim in the sea is in January when the average sea temperature is 29°C (84°F).

Bali is approximately 8 degrees south of the equator. So you can expect a tropical, warm and humid climate all year around with two main distinctive seasons: Dry Season and Rainy Season.

Bali’s central mountains (volcanoes) include several peaks over 3,000 meters in elevation. Up here, the temperatures are considerably cooler, and there is much more rainfall than in the coastal areas

General Weather Conditions each Month

Months max. Temp. Rain days Rainfall Season

January 26°C 78°F 27 34.5 cm Rainy Season    
February 26°C 78°F 22 27.4 cm Rainy Season    
March 26.5°C 79°F 20 23.4 cm Changing Season    
April 27°C 80°F 9 8.8 cm Dry season    
May 28°C 82°F 8 9.3 cm Dry season    
June 26.5°C 79°F 6 5.3 cm Dry season    
July 26.5°C 79°F 4 5.5 cm Dry season    
August 26.5°C 79°F 4 2.5 cm Dry season    
September 26.5°C 79°F 8 4.7 cm Dry season    
October 27°C 80°F 12 6.3 cm Changing Season    
November 27°C 80°F 17 17.9 cm Rainy Season    
December 26.5°C 79°F 22 27.6 cm Rainy Season