Bali’s Hindu Temples


Talk to someone for any length of time about life in Bali and it won’t be long before one of its 11,000 Hindu temples will have been name-dropped. Which can hardly come as a surprise in a country where every village is required by ADAT (customary law) to maintain at least three: a temple of origin, for the village, and finally, for the dead.

Family temple / shrine inside Balinese family compound.


On top of that, almost every family compound has a sanggah (shrine) within it. So, with such a prodigious number of holy places scattered across the island, it’s important to know your udeng from your tedung and yourwantilan from your jaba, so you know what’s going on. To get you pointed in the right direction, here’s an A-Z guide to help you decipher some of the more beguiling terms being bandied about.
Coconuts Bali: Temple Lingo