Balinese cooking classes have become increasingly popular with our guests. Not only do you get to experience a traditional market tour, you also learn how to prepare many Balinese and Indonesian specialities in a traditional Balinese kitchen (Paon).


Rice cooked the traditional way; over a wood fire and in a clay and bamboo steamer! Enak (delicious)

Balinese cooking is a complex blend of a variety of spices (bumbu) combined with  the freshest vegetables, meat and fish, eating real Balinese food is an unforgettable cultural experience.


A complex variety of fresh spices are used in Balinese cooking

Many of the spices and sauces you learn to make are easily transferable once you return home and do not have to be very spicy or meat based. Many Balinese dishes are vegetable and soy based (Tofu and Tempe) and the rich sauces are easy to adapt to a wide range of tastes.


Coconut milk (santen) made the traditional way with fresh coconut.






Joining in a morning cooking class starts with a visit to the local traditional food market in Mas (Pasar Mas). Here you will discover the wide variety of fresh tropical fruits, fish and sea-food, meats, poultry, aromatic exotic spices and organically grown vegetables before your hands-on experience.

Next choose your fresh fruits, vegetables and spices and learn how to prepare them using by recreating age-old traditional dishes and cooking methods.


Finish your day class by sitting down to a lunch-time feast of food you have helped create.


Sit down to eat what you learnt to make