Mas Tarukan tourist sign

Mas Tarukan tourist sign

Mas, Tarukan  was declared a ‘Designated Tourist Village’ in 2014 with a halt put on any large scale hotel, villa or any building that would destroy the unique characteristics and style of Balinese village life.

Tourists who want to experience traditional Balinese daily life and culture are now being encouraged to stay in private houses with a range of accommodation options. Angel House is but one.

The main entrance to the village of Tarukan Mas with its quiet streets, traditional Balinese stone carved doorways and friendly Balinese locals in only 2 min walk from Angel Villa. Along the way you can visit some world class & famous wood carving galleries, visit the traditional food market, Pasar Mas, the Bale Banjar and the famous temple of Pura Taman Pule .

Mas, one of Bali’s most famous artistic villages has a long and distinguished history of producing superb woodcarvings for both the domestic and tourist markets and is located only 8 km south of central Ubud, easily reached by car, bus or motorbike from all areas in Bali.

Although Mas is famous worldwide for its woodcarving, many tourists come to Mas Village to participate in cultural activities including Balinese dance classes, woodcarving lessons and to participate in Gamelan and Balinese cooking classes; or, to visit the many beautiful Hindu temples, such as Pura taman Pule.

Mas also has a wonderful traditional fresh food market, a perfect place to take photographs of the huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables grown in Bali along with a fantastic array of fresh spices, flowers and traditional Balinese offerings, ‘Canang Sari’. You will see all over Bali these small hand made offerings of fresh leaves and flowers, with the addition of incense stick or ‘ Dupa’, placed outside peoples homes, shops and offices. Mas village has many souvenir shops and places to eat and try Indonesian food. A large percentage of the population in Mas still practice traditional farming techniques and it is easy to walk the quiet streets of Mas and watch the farmers tending their rice fields, herding their ducks or caring for the family cow, chicken or pig. as they have done for centuries. A tour guide is not essential as Mas village is well signed posted to guide any tourist who wants to see these sights for themselves. Mas village is a fusion of East and West where more than half of the community speak English and many are employed in the tourism industry. You will be made very welcome if you come to visit or come and stay in a local Balinese home as part of Banjar Tarukan’s Home-stay program.

For a short history on Mas and of how Mas got its name, click this link below.

Below is an excerpt from Kompas newspaper about the idea behind Mas becoming a tourist village.